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To login using IISC Emailid, Select option -- IISc EmailId -- default is EmployeeId/PatientNumber


Online Token Booking

  • If you want to login using your IISc Email id, click the option IISC Emailid , enter the email  against the username and password against password. You will be redirected to verify credentials and after verification proceed further..
  • Other-wise
  • To book a token online, Enter the patient number in the login text box
  • Enter  patient number as Password  for the first time and click Submit button.
  • The user will be directed to change password at the first time -
  • Enter the patient number in the old password text box.
  • Enter the new password in the New Password text box
  • enter the new password in the confirm password text box
  • Click submit.  If the change password is successfull, the user will be redirected to Appoint page where user can book a token. .
  • Patient Number is the employee id for employees and pensioners, and last five digits of SR Number for students.
  • For dependents add 01, 02 etc. to the employee/student/Pensioners’ id.
  • On-line booking permitted only between 9 am to 6 pm, on working days.
  • On-line booking will not be available on Sundays and holidays.
  • Time of actual consultation may vary.
  • On-line booking facility is provided only to entitled staff members, students and pensioners.
  • On successful login, the appointment screen will be displayed.
  • First select a doctor from the drop down list box.
  • Select a time slot which will be displayed on selection of the doctor - Number of tokens available will against each time slot.
  • Booking is permitted for the hourly time slot selected by the patient.
  • Available token in the respective time slot will be allotted by the system.
  • Click submit button after selecting the time slot. The allotted token number will be displayed in the text box.
  • A grid will be displayed on successful  saving. To cancel or modify the token allotted follow the steps below
    • Click the grid below which is showing the token position. Select the option (Modify or cancel. )
    • complete the action by clicking submit.
    • The position as changed will be displayed in the grid below. .
  • Patients booked online should collect their token from Health Centre
  • Patients must be present in Health Centre well in advance of the time for which the token is taken.

Token Position

Ruth Boyle
Dr.Virupaksha Shanmugam Harave
Dr Bharath Kumar K T
Dr.Shilpa Sri
Dr. Ravikiran
Dr. Nachiketh
Dr Vinutha R
Dr.Sabina Rao
DR Aditya Malladi
DR. NEETHI Ravindran
Dr.K M Surya Narayana
Dr.K Vishnu Reddy
Dr.Basavaraj Kuntoji
Dr. Rohan Khot
Dr. Chelsy Anna
Dr.Sundari Nandyala
Dr. Sanjay B Patil
Dr.Kailash P Chhabria
Mr. Sridhar
Ms. Savitha
Token Colour Scheme:     : Available ,     : Token Issued,     : Under Examination by Doctor,     :  Completed (Met the doctor),    : Cancelled